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Foo Fighters Are Here To Rule With Their New Album

The American rock band Foo Fighters founded by former /nirvana drummer Dave Grohl are here to own the year 2021!

Foo Fighters shared their latest music called “No Son of Mine” on New Year’s Eve. The emphatic heavy song has a catchy tune and encapsulates the Foo Fighters’ signature music style.

Foo Fighter’s style is a perfect mix of driving pop much inspired by the Queen and hard rock. The band has more than just this to be happy as they have their 10th studio album called “Medicine at Midnight” lined up for release on 5th February.

Over heavy guitar and continuous beating of the drums, Grohl can be heard singing the lyrics, “No son of mine will ever do/ The work of villains, the will of fools”. The track follows a fast and vicious pace.

Blessing In Disguise!

The pandemic seems to have had an impact on everyone and not in a good way! We say this following Grohl’s post on social media that came at the same time as the release of “No Son of Mine”. Grohl expressed his frustration caused due to the pandemic, disrupting their musical plans for 2020.

The drummer posted a picture with their band name in it announcing the release of another track from their album as well!

Well, that is definitely a happy new year for the Foo fans! Grohl added in his note, “As we say goodbye (f— you) to 2020, and flip the calendar page to 2021, let’s ring in the new year with a new rocker, ‘No Son of Mine.’ Pour a drink, turn it up, close your eyes and imagine that festival field blowing up to this. Because it f—ing will.’

The Tracklist Of “Medicine At Midnight”

The album “Medicine at Midnight” is a nine-track playlist and 37 minutes long that is produced by Foo Fighters itself along with Greg Kurstin. The tracks are as follows: “No Son of Mine,” “Shame Shame,” “Making a Fire,” “Cloudspotter,” “Waiting on a War,” “Medicine at Midnight,” “Holding Poison,” “Chasing Birds” and “Love Dies Young.”

That seems like an interesting line-up and we cannot wait to hear them all! Since its release, “Shame Shame” has already hit No.1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart in mid-December. This comes as the band’s 9th Mainstream Rock leader since “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” featured as a chart-topper in Dec. 2017.

Check out the music video “No Son of Mine” below:

By: Aatira Kakroo

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