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G-Eazy Talks About His Music Hiatus, His Return And Jay-Z’s Influence

G-Eazy is back with a bang from his time away from the music scene! He has a new album up his sleeve to commemorate his return. 

“I went through some personal things with losing my mom and there was just a bit of an overall burnout,” he said in an interview. “We started aggressively trying to tour and release music independently. That level of grind catches up to you.”

After a long break, he is back to stay now! “I just needed that step back. Once that spark hit it was like, ‘Yeah, it’s over. We found it. Now y’all are in trouble.’” 

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

His latest song ‘Tulips & Roses’ focuses on vulnerability and offering flowers to someone while they are still there to receive them. G-Eazy spoke about the track and noted, “People put artists on this pedestal where you’re supposed to be the superhero and invincible. But at the end of the day, anybody could have a bad day or catch an L.”

The song has over 1 million views on YouTube already. “When you make music, you’re making it in the studio with your closest team. When you put it out, all of a sudden, it has this life because it’s impacting all these people,” he said.

G-Eazy also reflected on his journey as a musician, right from when he was a 13-year-old kid to where he is now. “I started making beats and the beats were trash. I started like writing little raps in my notebooks, I didn’t know how to like structure a song or even how to count bars,” he explained about his early years. “I’m just 14 in Oakland, in size 36 jeans and baggy white tees.”

Image Courtesy: Evening Standard

He added that listening to Jay-Z’s critically acclaimed ‘The Black Album’ was a life-changing event for him. “I was like, if we’re gonna do this, I want to chase him. I want to aspire to that. If I could go back in time and tell that 14-year-old version of me that we’d be sitting here doing this or that I’ve done these arenas, that’s unfathomable.”

– Riya Sohini

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