(G)I-DLE Drop Mini Album, “I burn” As A Surprise

One of the biggest K-Pop girl group, (G)I-DLE has surprised their fans by dropping a mini-album, “I burn”. The girls have given their fans a bonus just at the start of the year.

(G)I-DLE has got six tracks which combine Eastern instruments with the smooth melody to perfectly describe a breakup. “I burn” talks about what happens when your heart is broken and the outcome of it. The band speaks about how one can use the anger and pain from parting ways into something beautiful. Pretty motivational, don’t you think?

Three songs from the album are written by the leader of (G)I-DLE, Soyeon, Minnie has written two and one is by Yuqi. Overall, a perfect team effort has gotten into making “I burn” what it’s.

Further Details On “I burn”…

In 2018, the South Korean group, (G)I-DLE dropped, “HANN” which has been re-worked and turned into the album’s title song. In the album, it’s titled, “HANN (Alone in the Winer). The songs vary from being upbeat to emotional, wanting to stand up for oneself to avoid catching feelings after the break up are themes in the tracks.

(G)I-DLE have also dropped the official music video for “HWAA” which is part of “I burn”. The girls look like angels in the video with perfect choreography on the chorus of the song. The song name translates to ‘burn’ which surely is the lead single.

(G)I-DLE dropped “I trust” during April 2020 which went on to debut at No.4 on Billboard World Album chart. Massive? However, we’re pretty sure that “I burn” might surpass this milestone. Let’s just wait and see!

By: Aatira Kakroo