Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik : A Look At The Baby Bump

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik broke the news that they were having their first baby together on April 29, 2020. After this, you can just imagine the reactions of the fans, they couldn’t withhold their excitement. It’s had been over two months that we had not heard from the couple about the baby.

However, just yesterday, during an Instagram Live, Gigi Hadid showed off her belly bump with a lot humbleness while talking about her journal. She unbuttoned her shirt and turned to the side to give us a glimpse of her pregnant stomach, “There’s my belly y’all,” she said while smiling.

She ensured people that her stomach looks different from the front but then obviously if you check the side profile, you can see the bump. “Like it’s there, it’s just from the front it’s different,” she laughed.  Well, Gigi Hadid also went ahead to share the reason behind not disclosing her pregnancy process with the world. According to her, she thinks it’s “not the most important thing going on in the world.”

“That’s a reason that I felt that it’s not really something that I need to share apart from with my family and friends. Obviously a lot of people have lost lives due to [the] coronavirus that was in the beginning of quarantine and still happening. And then we moved obviously into the reemergence of the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement, and I thought that our presence on social media should be used for that.” Gigi Hadid shared.

Gigi Hadid proves to her fans how sensible her choices are, she does not feel it’s the appropriate time to share her experience but then also understands the hype regarding her pregnancy. “I just am not rushed to do it, and I feel like right now I just want to experience it, and I write in my journal a lot, and I just don’t want to worry about waking up everyday during my pregnancy and like worry about having to like look cute or post something.”

When it came to speaking about Zayn Malik and the support they’ve been receiving, she commented, ” I’m so grateful for the positive comments and the questions and wanting just to know that we’re all good and safe and everything’s going great and I love you guys, I do appreciate those positive comments.”

According to Yolana Hadid, the mother of Gigi Hadid, the due date is in the month of September. Until then her daughter can just chill around in the most comfortable pajamas during the summer heat with her ‘belly out’.

By: Aatira Kakroo