Gone Too Soon Goo Hara

South Korean actress and singer, Goo Hara, passed away just yesterday. Her last Instagram update was captioned “Good Night”. According to a police statement, an associate found Goo Hara at her home in southern Seoul and reported it to the authorities.The reason for her death wasn’t promptly known, as the police wouldn’t give further details.

In May, Hara was apparently discovered unconscious at her home and was hospitalized. At the time she made a post on her Instagram handle once again saying, “goodbye”. Concerned fans commented on this post which later had to be taken down.She apologized for “creating a commotion” and promised them that she’d take active efforts to recover.

The artist, who was known as Hara to her fans, was an artist from the mainstream K-pop group, Kara. The South Korean group released their first album “The First Blooming,” in 2007, making them one of the early groups that pushed K-pop to the global frontier. After the group split , Hara set out on a performance vocation in 2015, with the introduction of the EP “Alohara” (Can You Feel It?). The group Kara had massive following in South Korea, Japan and other Asian nations. Goo Hara was immensely talented as she also tried her hand at acting for a while after her group disintegrated.

This accounts for the second suicide in recent month from the k pop industry. Earlier last month Sulli a feminist k pop icon was foud dead. This has raised concerns over the issues of cyberbullying that both the stars faced online. Conservative South Korea has often kept unrealistic standards for women , the pressure to conform to this norm increase exponentially when these women are in the limelight.