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GOT7 Fans Outraged at Mistreatment of Group

Got7 Fans are outraged

GOT7 are feeling the warmth of fans world over as their fandom, ‘Aghases’, have united to demand fair treatment for the group. 

GOT7 have been occupying worldwide trends for the past week now, as their management, JYP Entertainment have been brought into question. Their fans have accused JYPE of mistreating the seven member group. 

The accusations of mistreatment seem to arise from a lack of promotions of GOT7’s work. Fans feel that their recent comeback (‘Not by the Moon’ and EP, “Dye”), and other solo projects have not been promoted enough.

JYP Entertainment is home to a number of recognisable names in the K-Pop world. Record-breaking girl group, Twice, and young ones, Stray Kids, are both managed by JYPE. Citing instances of both these groups receiving much more attention and having more varied promotions, fans are now demanding that GOT7 receive similar treatment.

GOT7, who debuted in 2014, have gained international popularity over the years. Making their mark on the Western tour scene last year, they have been at the forefront of bringing K-Pop to the mainstream. Their most recent EP, “Dye”, debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard World Albums Chart. They even broke their personal best first-week sales record.

Aghases have taken things a step further, staging a protest truck at the JYP Entertainment office. The truck has a banner that reads: “Better treatment for GOT7”.

This isn’t the first time GOT7 fans have demanded fair treatment for the septet. Back in 2019, similar accusations arose from the same issues as this time around.

JYP Entertainment has also come under fire recently for under promoting and neglecting their rock-pop group, DAY6. DAY6 fans’ concerns were only supported when member of the group, Jae, spoke out against the mistreatment as well. 

JYP Entertainment is yet to issue a statement regarding the situation. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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