GOT7 Thrills Fans With ‘Encore’ MV & New Channel

If any of you GOT7 fans had doubts about never seeing the K-pop boyband together again, rest assured they are back stronger than ever!

GOT7 surprised their fans with the release of a new MV, following a short teaser, for their comeback song, ‘ENCORE’. They also released their new YouTube channel. The stunning and nostalgic throwback show the seven members’ genuine camaraderie and success.

‘Encore’ Teaser

“We’re Back!”, BamBam wrote in a tweet sending fans riding on a high. A month after their departure from their former agency, JYP Entertainment; GOT7 members took to Instagram to post the English alphabets of the word Encore, invoking a lot of fans’ curiosity. On February 19, the group dropped a brand new teaser for their new MV, ‘Encore’ on their newly launched YouTube channel, via Warner Music Korea. The teaser ends with the word ‘Encore’ written, with the letter ‘O’ written as a symbol of infinity. 

Check out Bambam’s tweet below:

GOT7 Is Here!

GOT7 members JB, Jackson, Mark, Jinyoung, BamBam, Yugyeom and Youngjae released their first official music video together since their departure from their previous label, JYP Entertainment. The band sent fans into a craze after announcements of their new YouTube channel and a brief teaser of their new single ‘Encore’. The music video has, as expected, touched a chord with Aghases’ (GOT7 fans) hearts, as the fanbase has been still reeling from the news of the band’s departure from JYP.

Check out the official MV for ‘Encore’, below:

The members share a heartfelt message saying, “We are back again.” The black and white video starts with member Jackson Wang looking out the window while his fellow bandmates sit in their recording room, coffee cups in hand and masks on their faces, looking happy together. The video turns into color as soon as Jackson enters the recording studio to greet his members. The video progresses into a montage of the seven members off-stage enjoying each others’ company over shared meals and laughter.

To top it off, the MV also shows breathtaking visuals from GOT7’s concerts and performances. The members take centre-stage with their beloved fandom, Ahgases lighting up the arena. Their fans chant ‘Encore’ in the background, as the members look on emotionally. The video ends with a collage of black & white pictures of the members’ with their signatures on it.

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan