Tyler Speaks His Mind On Grammys Being Racist

Damn, Daniel, turns out the Grammys are back at it again with the “White” people awards. The award show is under scrutiny yet again for not including Artists of color in their mainstream categories. Many artists called out the Nonprofit Organization for not being inclusive and diverse.

Artists of color including pop heavyweight Lizzo were sidelined into the “urban” category this Grammy’s. Almost every mainstream award was bestowed to white artists, which turns out to be inherently problematic. Many took a stance against the conservative trend along with Diddy who called out the racism among the nomination committee. Sean Diddy Combs went on to say that the Grammys never supported black artists!

Sean was honored on Saturday at the pre-Grammys Gala; the legendary record producer took the chance to call out the Grammys for its racism. Diddy took home the “Industry Icon Award” at the Gala. He concluded his 40 minute long speech saying “I’m giving you 365 days to clean up this mess and give back control to the artists”. He urged people to take back control. It was also noted that it’s been a decade since a hip hop album won Album of the Year.

Sean rightfully re-enforced that “They’re a non-profit organization that’s supposed to protect the welfare of the musical community,” he said. “That’s what it says on the mission statement. That’s the truth. They work for us.”

Tyler the Creator in 2010 tweeted “watch me get a Grammy” and a decade later that’s just what he did. Tyler was obviously excited to win his first Grammy for “Igor” which won the “Best Rap Album”.

He gave a brilliant yet humble acceptance speech, later joined by his sobbing mother on stage. However backstage, he admitted to reporters that he’d love to be recognized in one of the mainstream pop categories rather than rap and Urban Category. He also went on to say that he wasn’t particularly fond of the word “urban” – “I don’t like that word. It’s just a politically correct way of calling me the ‘N’ word”.

This is not the first time that Grammys have been under fire for the lack of diversity, but we hope that with a “woke” generation we can bring about change.