Green Day, Fall Out Boy & Weezer Are Ready to Tour in 2021

During simpler times and by simpler, we mean 2019, three iconic Rock bands announced that they were gearing up to take the stage for the Hella Mega Tour. And the bands? Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer – the big three. The tour was announced on September 10, 2019 and originally included dates from May to November 2020. But due to the global coronavirus pandemic, these dates took a backseat and currently, the tour has been moved to 2021.

The groups will head to Australia and New Zealand this fall, before they venture to Europe next June. Seattle will be the first stop on the North American leg of this tour. Set to kick off on July 14th, 2021, the groups will then travel through the West Coast and then down south. The tour will wrap up in Colorado on August 25th, 2021.  

The bands also took to Instagram to break the news with a sweet message that read, 

“Your existing tickets are good for the rescheduled dates so hold on to them. We can’t wait to see everyone at these shows next summer! Stay safe and wear your masks.”

Now, we have to take you back to when the bands first announced the Hella Mega Tour, because they did so with quite the bang. On September 10, 2019, all three bands simultaneously announced the tour and (here’s the cherry on the cake) on the same day, they each dropped a new single. 

Green Day released, ‘Father of All…’ and announced its 13th album, ‘Father of All Motherf**kers’. Next in line, Fall Out Boy dropped ‘Dear Future Self(Hands Up)‘ and broke the news of their second compilation album, ‘Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die – Volume Two’. And finally, Weezer released, ‘The End of the Game’ and announced its fourteenth album, ‘Van Weezer’.

Now that, is how you make a tour announcement. 

By: Nina Karun