Gwen Stefani Reintroduces Herself With Her Latest Song

‘The Sweet Escape’ Gwen Stefani lit the stage on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon. The singer performed ‘Let Me Reintroduce Myself’ on Tuesday, January 5th. Magical as ever!

The Track Speaks For Itself

‘Let Me Reintroduce Myself’ released last month. The track boasts of a slinky ska-pop production that radiated pure Stefani nostalgia. With a few lyrical and sensitive references to tracks like ‘Underneath It All’ and her own solo hit ‘Hollaback Girl’, the track is definitely a winner!

The Music Video Takes You Back

The music video for the track was released recently and it leaves no stone unturned in Stefani leaning into elements of nostalgia. The video sees her recreate her past looks close to 25 years. The superstar has her love and fiancé, Blake Shelton to thank for pushing her to recreate her own history.

Performance And Everything Else!

Owing to the pandemic, the four accompanying dancers were all masked-up as Stefani crooned to the track’s hook, “Let me re-, let me reintroduce myself/Case you forgot, no, I’m not records on your shelf/I’m still the original old me.”

Stefani while talking to Fallon, said, “It was really trippy because it’d be in the original look of what I was back then, and it brought back so many memories,” Stefani said. “I never thought that when I was doing those looks that I would be basically a Halloween costume to other people. That was actually how I dressed, not because anyone told me to, I had that polkadot dress in my closet forever. Just the fact that they became so recognizable, it was really fun to revisit it.”

What’s more, is that the Stefani revealed she is preparing for a new album as well! The album will mark her first solo work that is not related to Christmas. It will be a first since ‘The Sweet Escape’ that released in 2006.

Stefani added,  “At first I didn’t know if I would do an album or not,” the musician said. “But I have all these songs, and I think, even next week, I want to go back in and start writing again because I don’t feel like I’m quite done writing. I think the writing process has been incredibly exciting.”

Her fans have definitely missed Gwen and we are sure it will be worth the wait. For more updates stay tuned to

By: Aatira Kakroo