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Haim Recounts Touring With Julian Casablancas in Their Early Years

Haim has recently shared their thoughts on their early interactions with Julian Casablancas, the lead singer of The Strokes.

In a recent interview, about the reissue of their 2013 debut album ‘Days Are Gone’ and their upcoming headlining slot at this year’s All Points East Festival, the sister trio – consisting of Danielle, Este and Alana Haim – reflected on touring with Casablancas during his solo stint.

Danielle Haim expressed her delight at the opportunity to perform alongside Julian Casablancas as a part of his band during the years 2009 to 2010.

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Haim further revealed that Julian was the first individual to invite them on tour as Haim, marking a significant milestone in their career. 

During a 2013 interview, the Haim sisters discussed how Este, who was serving as the chairperson of her university’s events committee at the time, took the initiative to book Haim for a performance at one of the university’s events.

Este successfully negotiated a payment of $1000 for Haim’s performance, and the band decided to use that money to join Julian Casablancas on tour. Their father, Moti Haim, took on the role of the band’s driver during that time. Each night, Haim had the opportunity to open the show before Danielle took the stage as a part of Casablancas’s band.

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“That was our first tour. We opened for him and I did double duty,” shared Danielle.

Julian Casablancas shared a valuable piece of advice with Haim while they were opening for him at his shows. He encouraged them to take a break, return after a year with even stronger songs, and make a powerful impact right from the start.

“Playing with Julian also taught us so much and taught me so much. Getting to play some Strokes songs in the set like ‘Automatic Stop’ I couldn’t believe it. I was up there like I can’t believe this is my life,” she continued.

The trio has recently reissued their debut album to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. “We worked our whole lives to put out our first record. So we thought, ‘It’s the 10-year anniversary! Why the f*** not’. We also never shy away from an excuse to celebrate,” said Este. “A decade feels like a milestone. It’s pretty crazy,” Danielle added.

-Kaushiki Sarcar

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