Halle Berry Was Tricked Into ‘X-Men’ Role

Hollywood is no stranger to behind-the-scenes stories and controversies, and the world of superhero films is certainly not exempt. Recently, director Matthew Vaughn, known for his work on ‘X-Men: First Class’ and as a writer and producer for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ spilled some beans at New York City Comic-Con. He claimed that Halle Berry, who portrayed the iconic character Storm in the X-Men franchise, was “tricked” into her role in the third installment of the series, ‘X-Men: The Last Stand.’

The story begins with Vaughn’s involvement with the X-Men series. He had initially signed on to direct ‘X-Men: The Last Stand,’ but eventually withdrew from the project. His decision to step down was attributed to a rather unusual script he stumbled upon. Vaughn recounted the incident, stating, “One of the main reasons I quit ‘X-Men 3,’ and this is a true story, I went to an executive’s office and I saw an ‘X3’ script. It was a lot fatter.”

Image Courtesy: IGN

Curiosity piqued, Vaughn read this mysterious script. To his surprise, he discovered that it contained an additional scene involving Halle Berry’s character, Storm, in Africa, where she would use her powers to save children from a lack of clean water. Vaughn found this concept intriguing and inquired about it. The response he received was: “This is the Halle Berry script because she hasn’t signed on yet. This is what she wants it to be. And once she signs on, we’ll throw it in the bin.”

This left Vaughn taken aback, prompting him to reflect on the treatment of an Oscar-winning actress like Halle Berry. It’s important to note that Berry eventually returned to reprise her role as Storm in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand,’ but the film did not include any of the scenes Vaughn mentioned.

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This incident sheds light on the dynamics and negotiations behind closed doors in the film industry, where creative control, star power, and studio decisions often clash. Vaughn’s story highlights the fine line between artistic integrity and commercial interests in Hollywood.

In a separate but related incident, Halle Berry found herself in the spotlight again, this time in the music world. Rapper Drake used an image of Berry on the cover of his latest single, ‘Slime You Out,’ without her permission. The image in question was from the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2012, where Berry got slimed. Despite her image being used without consent, Berry chose to take the high road but expressed her disappointment in Drake’s actions. 

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In her response on Instagram, Berry conveyed her disappointment, stating, “That’s not cool I thought better of him!” She then spoke about the importance of rising above such situations and moving on when those you admire disappoint you.

Halle Berry’s recent experiences in both the film and music industries show us how most controversies go unnoticed due to people in power, even for seasoned actresses and public figures. 

-Britney Jones