Halsey Leaks New Version of ‘Wipe Your Tears’

Halsey Leaks New Version of 'Wipe Your Tears'

As June is Pride month, a lot of musicians are taking the time off to show their support to the LGBTQ community. Just yesterday, we witnessed Camila Cabello put up a sweet little illustration displaying the Pride rainbow, while also urging people to fight for transgender rights. And now, Halsey has popped in to show her support for the same.

The star did this by leaking an original version of her track, ‘Wipe Your Tears’ from her latest album, ‘Manic’. Between the eerie farytale-like piano notes and Halsey’s airy vocals, this cut sounds very different from the one that finally made it to her album. In fact, fan responses have shown that a majority of them actually seem to prefer this original version of the tune !

“prolly gon get in trouble for this but, happy pride! here’s the full OG version of wipe your tears. my favorite wlw song of mine that ended up on a special release of Manic if it gets taken down it ain’t my fault,” she said over a two-minute screen recording of the heartbreaking lullaby playing from her Notes app.

Is Halsey Gearing up for a Brand New Collab?

Oh but here’s the best part, we’ll be seeing yet another version of this track, except with another collaborator onboard. While the star herself hasn’t dished out any hints on her collaborator, fans are buzzing with excitement. Twitter’s been flooded with tweets featuring guesses from all her fans. Naturally, they’ve picked out artists from the LGBTQ community, but Halsey didn’t entertain any of their guesses. Which means, for now we’ll have to just sit tight. 

And while we do that, here’s a glance at some of sweetest, heartwarming lines from ‘Wipe Your Tears’:

Nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby
Nothing’s gonna make you cry
I’ll be damned if I ever let another hand
Wipe your tears before they dry

Keep your friends close but this pretty girl closer

Kiss her on the neck, little baby is a poser
Thinks she’s so cold, but the world is colder
Take her in my lap and I’ll promise that I’ll hold her

Anyway, for now, let’s all delight in this version of the track. And as Pride month carries on, it won’t be long before we see other musicians showing their support and celebrating the LGBTQ community. 

By: Nina Karun