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Halsey Pleads to End the Stigma Against Mental Illnesses

Halsey has always been an advocate for mental health, never shying away from openly discussing her battles with Bipolar disorder. And just recently, she took to Twitter to urge people to be more understanding towards those who suffer from this. 

With not much context, Halsey dived straight into her pont: “No jokes right now. I have dedicated my career to offering education and insight about bipolar disorder and I’m so disturbed by what I’m seeing. Personal opinions about someone aside, a manic episode isn’t a joke.” The young star added that if people aren’t able to offer their sympathy,  the they should preferably just remain silent.   

Halsey went on to point out that it wasn’t right to vilify people suffering from a mental illness as it would further curb their ability to open up and speak about it. She emphasized that while it was alright to have certain opinions of people. Deliberately poking fun at their disorder “for a couple of laughs” meant hurting an entire community suffering from the same.  

Halsey Discusses Mental Health Through ‘Manic’

Just earlier this year, Halsey sat down with the psychologist, Snehi Kapur, to shine the light on bipolar disorder. Kicking off the conversation by explaining the concept behind her latest album, ‘Manic,’ the star said, “I wrote it as a study of all these different emotions and perspectives that I was having through the process of making the record. But what was really important to me was also making sure that it was educational.” She went on to explain that for those who aren’t too familiar about the disorder, they could gain some sort of understanding through her music. 

She also went into detail about the stigma attached to mental illnesses. And how she’s had to overcome these difficulties right through her adolescent period up until now. 

So, while there’s no clear reason as to what made Halsey put out this string of tweets. At a difficult time like this, perhaps the world is also in need of a few reminders. 

By: Nina Karun

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