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Halsey Surprises Fans With Pregnancy News

Popstar Halsey has some exciting news this year. The singer is pregnant!! The ‘Be Kind’ singer took to Instagram to share this big news with her fans on January 27th, Wednesday.

Halsey is hardly feeling down. She shared a series of pictures of her adorable and growing baby bump on Instagram. The caption alongside the picture read “surprise!” with a baby bottle, rainbow and an infant angel. Fans cannot contain their excitement and adoration for Halsey.

Photo Gallery

The pictures are an aesthetic treat! In the first picture, Halsey wears a rainbow bikini top and jeans that stay unbuttoned showing her pregnant belly! The popstar looking like a million bucks against a white background is oh-so-aesthetic!

The second picture shows Halsey standing sans the top. Arms against her chest, the singer poses sideways flaunting the baby bump on full display!

The third picture sees Halsey kneeling, absolutely glowing from her pregnancy while the sun shines against her!

Rainbow Baby, Sweet Exchange And More!

The rainbow emoji and top could be a subtle reminder of the singer’s previous miscarriage with the expected baby being a “rainbow baby”. Halsey opened up about her miscarriage in an interview in 2018. The singer revealed how she suffered the loss while on stage. She explained how everything happened even before she fully came to terms with the fact that she was expecting.

Halsey shared that she suffers from a condition called endometriosis that causes infertility. The singer even underwent a surgery for it in 2017 and decided to freeze her eggs at that time. “I need to be aggressive about protecting my fertility, about protecting myself”, the 26-year-old shared at the time.

Although Halsey did not state in specific who the father is, she tagged Alev Aydin. Adin is a screenwriter and producer and not long after the singer posted, he commented: “Heart so full, I love you, sweetness.” She responded with, “I love you!!!!!! And I love this mini human already.” Aw! The sweet exchange we’re sure has left the fans waiting eagerly.

Riding High!

The producer also shared the post by Halsey on his Instagram stories with two heart emojis. We couldn’t be happier for the couple and Halsey who has a lot on her plate right now. The singer launched her own beauty line called ‘About Face Beauty’ recently. The brand is all about multi-dimensional makeup for everyone, for the diverse and artistic community and for all stages of life!

Well, Halsey is riding high and has a lot to look forward to this year while we hope she continues to do so!

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan

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