Happy 23rd Camila Cabello

The good girl off the recent master hit ‘My Oh My’ has turned all of 23 today. To celebrate this big day with her fans, she posted a picture of her as an adorable toddler saying that it’s her “first internet nude”. Young, funny, and free — what’s not to love!

On her little-big day we have decided to have a look-see at her top five wildest posts on Instagram. Here goes.

1.Paired with Eilish

First up, coming at you is the pop star paired with Billie Eilish in a sweet behind-the-scene shoot. The duo look amicable and Cabello is suggestively wearing a t-shirt that says “I talk about you in Spanish”. Witty!

2.With Mendes at the VMAs

The second picture of the artist that the fans have hearted worldwide is with Mendes at the VMAs. We see her with her hard-won award for ‘Senorita’ and a smile so beautifully plastered on her face. The couple ringing in their victory has easily taken the second spot on this list.

3.Birthday Post for Mendes

Camilla fans are also, as expected, Mendes fans too and we see that in this next post. This one features a polaroid of the lovebirds looking adorable. The star captions the picture to wish her beau a very happy birthday. Well, today — happy birthday to YOU, Camilla!

4.Sultry Pose FTW

The eyes say it all in this picture. She is here, unabashed, and has no time at all to play coy. No complaints at all here, keep on being the sexy you, you!

5.Stairway To Mendes

The fifth spot here is taken by the couple AGAIN! ? we ship this relationship, and clearly so do the fans. Here we see a black and white dreamily done picture of the two climbing up a stairwell. The caption says it all as the singer confesses her deep love for the man in articulate, considerate words.