Happy Birthday Anne Hathaway

1. The Devil wears Prada: She plays the role Andy, an assistant to Miranda Priestly one of the city’s biggest magazine editors. The movie shows how Andy plans to put up with Miranda’s excessive demands and humiliating treatment for one year. And she nails it by gradually learning her responsibilities and began to dress more stylishly as to show effort to her position.

2. Princess Diaries: A clumsy, shy teen Mia Thermopolis who lives with her single mother discovers that her paternal grandmother is the sole heir to the European Kingdom of Genova which makes her the princess of Genova. She was then transformed into a beautiful young princess which every girl loves.

3. Interstellar: Anne Hathaway took a role as a scientist in this science fiction film produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film grossed over $667 million gaining Academy award for Best Visual effects.

4. Bride Wars: Anne plays the role, Emma Allan who has a childhood friend Liv Lerner who plan their respective dream weddings that turns them into sworn enemies. The film is directed by Gary Winick and grossed over $114 million.

5. The Hustle: She plays alongside Rebel Wilson as a glamorous, seductive con artist Josephine Chesterfield who con’s the world’s richest men. Rebel Wilson plays Penny, a small time con artist who cons men. Both con artist meet and join forces for the ultimate score- the young billionaire Thomas Westerburg, the creator of tech app. The movie grossed $ 95million worldwide.