Happy Birthday Brad Pitt

Bring out the birthday cake as we celebrate Brad Pitt’s birthday! The Hollywood heartthrob turns 56 today doesn’t look it, though! Having been in the film industry for over three decades, Brad has some stellar performances in dozens of films to his name, from thrillers to comedies. Over the years, Pitt has been very honest about everything in his life, but those facts may not always come to light. Here are 5 unknown but very interesting facts about the international star.

Brad’s got those Degrees

Pitt attended the University of Missouri and literally two weeks before graduation, he realised he wasn’t ready for it. He always loved films but it never occurred to him as a career path until he realised something about himself – if the opportunity isn’t where he is, then he’ll go to it. Couldn’t be more glad that he went for it!

Brad Don’t Cry… Oh, wait

The ending of the movie, How to Train Your Dragon got Pitt all teary and in an interview he said, “In the end, he lost his leg and they’re living in harmony with the dragons … it got me,” The actor who got sick following a trip to Cabo “wept” while watching the Kevin Kline movie Life as a House.

Flyin’ High

The famous couple of Hollywood had it all when things were good. ex-wife, Jolie got him into flying and he has a pilot’s license. According to Pitt, they have different styles when it comes to flying – he likes the details and she likes getting there.

Twizzle Twizzle, Baby

Pitt revealed this fun fact during an appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 1998. His answer surprised Winfrey, who said that she “never met a person who liked Twizzlers.” The actor also said that his favorite snack is pizza and his go-to cereal is Frosted Flakes. We love a junkie; you know, a junk foodie!

The Malaysian Ban

Brad Pitt’s handsome face appears in the Toyota Altis commercials and it is loved by everybody. However, these commercials are banned in Malaysia because the authorities there have concluded that if the commercials run for too long with Brad in them, Malaysian men will start feeling inferior! No more words required to describe this man’s global charm. That’s a strange, but completely understandable inferiority complex!

Thanks for all the silver screen time, Brad. We wouldn’t have it any other way.