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Happy Birthday Jonah Hill!

Jonah Hill is an actor who has evolved from playing the goofy sidekick to a leading Hollywood movie star. From once being known as the silly friend in comedies to gradually transforming into one of the most dynamic actors working today, he has shown a great talent for picking bold and innovative projects all along. Given that roster of talent, it’s no surprise he’s been in such acclaimed films and we bring 5 of them to you.


Hill earned his first Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for this film, but it didn’t come as a surprise. Hill plays an Economics graduate of Yale University, who develops a computer system to pick baseball players based on computer generated statistics. He is then hired as Assistant General Manager for the Oakland A’s to implement his system and help the team out of a huge slump. He had met all the precursor marks and received immense appreciation for the same. Check out this clip of a famous scene from the movie.


Hill owes a lot of his success to the fact that he was welcomed into Judd Apatow’s troupe of comedy actors. ‘Knocked Up’ brought many of Apatow’s favorite young stars into this unconventional Rom-Com, where Hill had the chance to steal some scenes as one of Rogen’s directionless friends. The movie itself is a hysterical take on the genre that featured some genuine heart to go along with the laughs. Watch this clip from the movie where Hill leaves you in splits.


Hill was starting to get some attention in Hollywood when a starring role in ‘Superbad’ came around at the perfect time and put him under the well-deserved limelight. The film proved that Hill could headline a movie with his own unique charm. This high school comedy starsg Hill and Michael Cera as two unpopular teens attempting to impress girls by buying alcohol for a party. The movie is an epic comedy filled with vulgar humour and outlandish situations, as well as a surprising amount of heart. Check out a clip from the movie.


Surprisingly, few of Hill’s most acclaimed films seem to feature a fair amount of voice acting roles. As Snotlout, one of the dragon trainers, Hill has been with ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ since the beginning and helped bring it to a close with this third and final film. He does full justice by adding his own nuances to the films and watch him give a gist of the journey, right here:


Hill plays the best friend of the title character who joins him in a corrupt stock market business, which ultimately results in Leonardo DiCaprio’s character spending time in jail. It was a bit of a shock when Hill’s name was called as a nominee for Best Supporting Actor when the Oscar nominations were announced in 2014, not because of the performance but due to him not receiving support at earlier awards shows. Well, he got his due and better late than never, right?

We hope to see him in more varied roles in the future and of course, bag a few more awards along the way!

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