Happy Birthday Lover!

Churning out soulful chart-toppers one after the other and entertaining millions, is not an easy task but somehow Taylor manages to do just that swiftly getting us all to love her beyond imagination.

Taylor celebrates her 30th birthday today, on Friday, the 13th and we have 5 of her most iconic live performances proving that she’s always going to defy the rules, because she’s one of the luckiest people out there!

1. ‘You Belong With Me’ at the VMAs (2009)

Taylor got the fans swooning right from the middle of a subway station to the Radio City Music Hall and it’s one of her most remembered early live performances.

2. ‘Red’ in NYC (2012)

Known to be a charmer in the studios and nailing it just the same during live performances too, Taylor performed live from New York City in this one and blew the audience’s socks off!

3. ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ (2013)

She went all out with the whimsical ‘Alice In Wonderland’ theme and matched the grandeur and choreography with her ever so strong vocals. Plus, there was a special cameo by Ed Sheeran for the fans (ah, are fuzzy hearts)

4. “Wildest Dreams” at The Grammy Museum (2016)

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Museum performances (including “Style” and “Blank Space”) arguably showcased some of her greatest live vocals. In this subdued, gritty take on “Wildest Dreams,” the pop star sung flawlessly to an intimate audience.

5. ‘. . . Ready For It?’ at Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball (2017)

This doesn’t quite summon the spirit of the holidays, but there’s no doubt that this performance was awesome. Taylor Swift’s energetic choreography game was on point, and she still managed to control her breath and voice.