Happy Birthday Mr. Worldwide

Wildest Pitbull collaborations

Pitbull has had one of the most wildest music careers where he collabs with artists from various genres like Pop , Rock and even Country! Here are some of the wildest collabs by Mr. World Wide

1) Feel this moment by Christina Aguilera.

The duo manufactured this electro-pop hit in 2012 as a part of Pitbull’s album “Global Warming”. It’s a pop number that talks about savoring life and stopping to take a moment to appreciate life. Christina was lauded for her chorus that features a sweet hook about feeling the moment. The song was a commercial success, topping the charts in many countries!

I see the future” he says but did he really see a future of high tech that allows us to cut down on junk food and solar powered drying machines that could be replaced by putting your clothes put to dry in the actual sunlight!?

2) “Timber “ with Kesha

The song saw Kesha and PitBull with a pop-country vibe in 2012. Highly popular for its Americana and Latina vibe laced with elements like ‘swing your partner ‘ , ‘round and round’ we were gifted with mono-genre specimen called “Folktronica”.

As a result of their attempt to touch on all elements of popular American culture, the song shot up more than 61 million hits on YouTube at the time of its posting. The song also claimed the NO.1 SPOT ON THE Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks!

3)” Rain over me” with Marc Anthony

Rain over me is a song by Pitbull from his sixth studio album, Planet Pit featuring vocals from American-Puerto Rican sing Marc Anthony. This Euro dance song saw Marc Anthony on the No.1 on the Hot Latin songs and stayed on No.30 in the Billboard Hot 100. A steamy music video followed the song that went viral at the tie if it releases, in 2011. The song was written by Pitbull, Marc Anthony, RedOne and Rush Aziz!

4) “DJ got us falling in love” with Usher

Pitbull co-wrote this track with Max Martin and Shellback . This Euro pop number was the first single from Usher’s EP called the Verses EP. It received mixed reviews from fans that critiqued the song for it lack of originality. “DJ got us fallin in love” peaked in over fifteen countries and helped make it one of Ushers most successful singles! Well we all know that Mr. World Wide is a truly generous man helping his peers. He might even be Santa! Who knows..

5)“On the Floor” WITH Jennifer Lopez

On the floor is the lead single from Jennifer Lopez’s seventh studio album called “Love?”. The up tempo dance pop song with a Latin influence! Well yes JLo dropped this beat with PitBull as a tribute to her Latin heritage and well Mr. World Wide has done it again by propelling this track of charts with his feature. Many fans called the song “Music worth getting lost in”, we think so too! The song also received two international dance music nominations for Best Latin Track and Best Commercial Track!