Happy Birthday sia

Sia, the masked singer, is known for her perfect vocals. She’s one of the few artists who hits every high note perfectly in her live performances. She’s also known for her brilliant song-writing skills and has not only come out with a lot of moving numbers for herself, but other artists too. Now, speaking of her live performances, here are the top 5 songs that she nailed on stage!


This song has a high note that is executed flawlessly by Sia everytime she performs it live. This was especially true when she performed on SNL, the singer stood behind a glass frame facing her back to the audience to rid her off the jitters and SLAYED THE SONG! As she sang, her staple two dancers also performed the piece in the same setting with a few props like sofas and chairs.

Big Girls Cry

In this track performed at the opera, Sia stands alone on stage with her signature outfit – a wig, hat and a black suit. In the song and in spirit, Sia charmingly reassures us that you can be a big girl and still break down in uninhibited vulnerability, especially when your heart is breaking. And if Sia tells you that it’s okay to cry, then it’s gotta be okay!

Elastic Heart

A visual treat accompanied this performance of Sia at the Australian auditorium. The dancer danced in a set featuring a living room while the singer stood in a cut out window of the set and unleashed her powerful vocals. ‘Elastic Heart’ certainly exhibits the cathartic nature of art, as its lyrics tell a story of overcoming wars and “fighting for peace” with the self. To step away from the raw emotion of Sia’s lyrics is to find ‘Elastic Heart’ as a song that fits quite neatly into the pop genre in which it has found itself due to the popularity launched with ‘Chandelier


Sia shot down this note in her live show where all the dancers made mayhem on stage. In the song, Sia sings from the perspective of someone who’s been bad mouthed but she insists she’s as resistant to that defamation as titanium is to bullets!

In her live shows you can actually see the resistance because that how glorious she sounds!

The Greatest

With a multitude of dancers, Sia stood by her self and nailed those vocals on stage. Beginning with the same daunting humming from ‘Alive,’ the overall beat of ‘The Greatest’ is far more uptempo. In some ways, it combines ‘Alive’ and ‘Cheap Thrills’ in its more upbeat approach, but with a sharper vocals!

Well, if this isn’t proof enough that she’s one outstanding vocalist, I don’t know what is!