Harry Styles And Florence Pugh Worked Together in The Song ‘With You All the Time,’ From ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

A song from the soundtrack to Florence Pugh and Harry Styles’ new movie, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, called ‘With You All The Time’ has been released.

The song, which is credited to the performers’ respective roles as Alice and Jack in the movie, is primarily instrumental in nature with distorted samples of Pugh’s voice over a sinister piano melody. The latter was provided by Styles, who reportedly produced a song demo in just five minutes.

Talking about the song, Styles said that he was aiming to create something that was cute and creepy, entirely dependent on the context. He said that when he first played it on the piano, Styles felt like it had a nursery rhyme feel to it. 

Image courtesy: Far Out Magazine

In response to the claims that Styles spat on Pine, director Wilde said that “Harry did not spit on Chris” and described the incident as “a wonderful example of people [searching] for drama anyplace they can.” At the tenth of his 15 performances in New York City, Styles also made light of the event.

Check out the song below:

Image courtesy: Metrotime

Styles has been in news for a while now, and mostly for the great work he has been doing. From music to movies, seems like the former One-Direction band member, seems to be doing great in every form of art.