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We’re Fallin’ For Harry All Over Again!

Between a string of live performances and interviews, Harry Styles has been quite busy over the past month! Perhaps the only hiccup in his schedule was when he was mugged at knifepoint on Valentine’s Day, but don’t worry, Harry’s a bit shaken up but otherwise his usual summery self!

In fact, he just completed a stunning performance at the 2020 BRIT Awards! He took the stage to perform the ballad ‘Falling’ from his album ‘Fine Line’ and everyone was just hit with the feels. He performed in a pool of water, in front of two pianos which had water cascading from them. Yup, that sounds more like a film set than a stage decor, doesn’t it? But, it’s Harry after all, so of course we need a bit of drama! Harry looked handsome in his white suit and might even have left us a little heartbroken when he turned teary eyed towards completing the performance.

He also gave us major wardrobe goals with three costume changes, he wore a brown Gucci suit and purple jumper and while he performed on the stage he wore a custom Gucci lace jumpsuit with his signature pearls and he topped it all off in a vibrant Marc Jacobs yellow suit.

Styles was nominated for two BRIT awards – Best British Male and for his recently released sophomore LP, Fine Line, which was up for the prestigious Best Album prize but sadly, he didn’t take any award home.

However, it was still a night like no other as Kendal Jenner reunited with him at the After Party which was held at The Standard hotel. They were spotted talking during the event, which is enough to prove that the Exes are still on great terms!

Well, don’t blame us for falling for Harry all over again. He just has that effect on us!

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