Harry Styles Stops By A Fan’s House For Tea & To Feed Her Fish

Now, this is really going to seem like some sort of fever dream but we can promise you that it actually happened. After his car broke down, Harry Styles stopped by a fan’s house to enjoy a cup of tea, feed her fish and leave her some goodies. 

But here’s the bummer: Harry’s fan, Theadora, might have to rewire her strings of fate because she wasn’t home when the star visited! And yet, the young Brit being the gentleman he is, left her a charming little note, a signed copy of his latest album, “Fine Line” and even took a few pictures while feeding her fish. And that’s proof enough that this bizarre incident was no fever dream.

The note left by the former One Direction star held a heartwarming little message that read, “Theadora, my car broke down on your street and your dad’s friend kindly let me wait at your house with a cup of tea,” he wrote. “I’m devastated that we missed each other. Looking forward to meeting soon. Treat people with kindness. Sending you all my love, I’m so sorry we missed each other. Until next time, Harry.”


A couple days ago, Harry once again racked up a flurry of excitement after dropping the music video for his track, ‘Golden‘ from his “Fine Line” cut. Directed in Italy, the picturesque visualizer sees Harry traverse through different landscapes – driving through tunnels in a Bond-like fashion, balancing on rocks by the sea, running across roads – all in all, it was quite the blissful treat. 

Anyway, the next time Harry Styles makes a surprise visit to a fan’s house, let’s hope the stars align and that said fan, will be home. 

By: Nina Karun