Harry’s Set to “Fine Line”

All you Harry Styles fans must be ecstatic to hear that our young baby boy from the good ol’ One Direction days is thriving in his solo career and is set to release his second studio album ‘Fine Line’ very soon.

The ‘Sign Of The Times’ singer is known to be silent for the most part. But, not when it comes to his music. Earlier this week, Harry released the tracklist of his new album ‘Fine Line’. I know, I know, this year couldn’t get any better!

Styles has already released two singles from the album called ‘Lights Up’ and ‘Watermelon Sugar’, which has already taken the world by storm. This tracklist contains a total of twelve songs that include: ‘Golden Cherry’, ‘Falling’, ‘To Be So Lonely’, ‘She’, ‘Sunflower, Vol. 6’, ‘Canyon Moon’, ‘Treat people With Kindness’ and of course ‘Fine Line’.

This album is continuing the trend of being summer songs caught in winter with words like ‘strawberry’, ‘sunflower’ and ‘cherry’. Giddy up and stay put because this fine album is releasing on 13th December and is sure to get you enjoying your winter just like it’s summer.