Hayley Williams is a Whole Mood in ‘Sugar on The Rim’

Hayley Williams, the lead vocalist of Paramore, might just be the perfect embodiment of the ultimate quarantine mood. Which is this: lolling around in bed, a laptop in one hand and a gigantic tub of ice cream in the other. Yup, seems pretty accurate.

Williams just dropped the rather hilarious lyric video for her track, ‘Sugar on The Rim,’ which finds its spot on her debut solo album, ‘Petals for Armour‘. The video starts with the star, lazing around in bed and struggling to find the motivation to get up. “If you finish this song today, you can take a bath, read a book, go on a walk, go out to dinner or maybe you can go to the studio and see what those bozos are doing today,” Williams quips.

The rest of the video shows us Hayley Williams actually getting down to recording this very track. But this is also interspersed with clips of her in bed, reading the song’s lyrics on her laptop, scooping out some mango ice cream and napping under a leopard print blanket. All in all, it’s quite wholesome.


Hayley Williams Makes A Splash with Her Dark Lyrics

Now, coming to the song itself, it’s got a fine cocktail of quirky, laid back beats. The combination of this with Williams’ husky, haunting vocals makes it quite a soothing listen. That is, until you glance at her powerful, perhaps even a tad bit sinister lyrics. Take a look:

Do you taste old shame
When you lick my wounds?
‘Cause I feel redeemed in spite of you
Had a life in hiding but a storm kept coming in
Could you be the silver lining like sugar on the rim?

You took me by
You took me by
You took me by

Hayley Williams once described the concept behind ‘Petals for Armour’ as her belief that “the best way for me to protect myself is to be vulnerable.” And this sentiment is reflected not only in ‘Sugar on The Rim’ but also in a lot of her other tracks sitting on this album.

Anyway, without further ado, watch on…

By: Nina Karun