Hayley Williams Lets A Teen Activist Group Take Over Her Instagram

hayley williams

As the #BlackLivesMatter movement unfolds, it’s interesting to observe how different artists are choosing to fight for racial justice. Some are out on the streets, in protests, while others like Hayley Williams, the lead vocalist of the Rock band, Paramore, is lending out her social media platforms to young Black female artists to take over. 

Hayley Williams collaborated with the young activist group, Teens4equality, and they’ve been spreading information about the movement using her platforms. The group recently even held a peaceful protest against police brutality in Nashville, which witnessed over 10,000 protesters joining the march. 

Hayley Williams Stands Up For Teens4Equality

And yet, like we’ve mentioned before, when an artist expresses themselves. When they put out their bold views, the trollers and haters will always line up. And so, after several social media users asked Hayley to delete some of Teens4Equality’s Instagram posts, which received major backlash for addressing systemic oppression, police brutality and white privilege, the artist had this to say in response: “have seen ppl ask me to delete some posts from TEENS FOR EQUALITY’s ig takeover today. I will not do that. Their passion is pure and earnest, not calculated. Their activism is inspiring!! I’m proud of them & youth across the country for learning/educating/standing up for BLM.”

The musician even put out a sweet message on Instagram, encouraging the youngsters and applauding them for organising the protest. 

“so cool to be led by the young people in our hometown. what they are doing as a part of advancing the BLM movement is punk af and completely heroic. last thursday, i marched with tens of thousands(!!), led by a group of activists still in high-school(!!!!!!). they are called @teens.4.equality. tomorrow, i’ll be handing over my account to them in effort to put a spotlight on the work they’re doing in Nashville. #nojusticenopeace”

Apart from this, Paramore just recently donated a good $25000 to Black Lives Matter organizations. It’s good to see that everyone’s doing their bit to fight for racial justice. So, stay tuned to get a peek at other celebrity efforts. 

By: Nina Karun