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Hayley Williams Relates to Billie Eilish’s Fame

Hayley Williams is familiar with the ups and downs of teen stardom. Which is why the Paramore singer, who signed her first production deal at the age of 14, can identify with Billie Eilish’s journey over the past five years. 

Hayley, spoke about her interactions with Billie in an interview. Hayley said, “The first thing I experienced or I witnessed of her was [2018’s] ‘When the Party’s Over,’ that video. And then I watched an interview with her and I felt like there was something inside of me that was watching me — slash us — as teenagers doing interviews and navigating this world.” 

Image courtesy: Allure

Williams was only 17 when ‘All We Know Is Falling’ by Paramore was released in 2005. Eilish was 14 when she shared ‘Ocean Eyes,’ the song that would make her famous. This is one of the reasons witnessing Billie’s rise to fame has felt so familiar to Hayley, according to her.

“She does it on a level we’ve never experienced, but I just feel such a love towards her and her family and I think they’re so special,” said Williams.

She recalled going to Billie’s house for Thanksgiving last year for a comforting meal of vegan cinnamon rolls made by Eilish’s mom. “We had already connected, I had connected with her mom too, just about their organization that they have. But ever since that Thanksgiving cinnamon roll treat, just, I mean… The rest is history. I feel like I would do anything for them,” she added, making a special mention to Billie’s older brother and producer, Finneas.

Image courtesy: The Guardian 

Williams also predicted, “I think they’re going to be around for a really long time.”

The mutual admiration between the artists isn’t just virtual. Williams and Eilish teamed up earlier this year when they performed Paramore’s ‘Misery Business’ and Billie’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ together at Coachella.

Riya Vivek 

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