Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Kali Uchis’ New Album 

Kali Uchis, the Colombian-American sensation, has set the stage for an exciting music project with her upcoming album, ‘Orquídeas.’ Scheduled to be released on 12th January 2024, this Spanish-language masterpiece promises to break traditional Spanish music with its unique inspiration and fresh energy.

The title, ‘Orquídeas,’ draws its essence from the national flower of Colombia, the orchid. Uchis, in a statement, revealed her deep connection to this flower, stating, “The orchid is the national flower of Colombia, and we have more species of orchid than anywhere on earth. I always felt distinctly intrigued and magnetized by the flower. This album is inspired by the timeless, eerie, mystic, striking, graceful and sensual allure of the orchid.”

Image Courtesy: Billboard

The Grammy award-winning artist aims to redefine the representation of Latinas in music through this project. With a “vast scope of fresh energy,” she promises a musical experience that will challenge the norms and expectations, bringing a unique flavour to the Latin music scene.

‘Muñekita,’ a track from the album featuring El Alfa and City Girls’ JT, has already been shared by Uchis. This Spanish-language creation is just a taste of what ‘Orquídeas’ has in store for her fans.

Kali Uchis is no stranger to success, with her third studio album, ‘Red Moon in Venus,’ arriving earlier this year. The album showcased her versatility and musical prowess, setting high expectations for ‘Orquídeas.’ Uchis’ dedication to her passion was evident as she embarked on a sold-out ‘Red Moon in Venus’ tour, gracing iconic venues like the Hollywood Bowl, Radio City Music Hall, and the Aragon Ballroom, along with numerous arenas.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

However, ‘Orquídeas’ isn’t just a musical project; it’s a statement. Uchis’ video teaser, featuring her ethereal vocals in a mossy garden setting, represents the journey that awaits. The changing languages throughout the teaser video and the choice of ‘Español’ sets the tone for an album deeply rooted in her Colombian heritage and Latin identity.

Uchis’ last album, ‘Red Moon in Venus,’ was met with critical acclaim and commercial success, debuting at No. 4 on the Billboard 200. It featured the Gold-certified hit ‘Moonlight’ and collaborations with renowned artists like Summer Walker, Don Toliver and Omar Apollo.

Image Courtesy: Variety 

To top it all off, Uchis made an unforgettable appearance at Coachella, where she wowed the audience with surprise guests, including Tyler, The Creator, Omar Apollo, and her boyfriend Don Toliver. Her presence at festivals like Lollapalooza in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Estéreo Picnic in Colombia was also widely celebrated. 

‘Orquídeas’ will push boundaries and redefine the Latin music landscape. With her unique blend of mystique and allure, she promises to deliver an unforgettable musical journey when the album blooms on 12th January 2024. 

-Britney Jones