Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact Music

AI has been impacting the musical industry, all around the world. AI developers have successfully designed tools and softwares which can compose melodies and write lyrics according to the recent trends. This helps the musician to create music and also increase his/her music exposure. Record labels are also benefitting from this as it reduces licensing costs and legalities.   

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Examples of such softwares are Magenta and LANDR. Magenta explores AI and machine learning in the creative process of making melodies. LANDR is an AI-based audio mastering tool. It helps producers by matching the production elements of a song.

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AI also accesses listening patterns and music choices to curate a specialized playlist for each subscribers. They code programs to filter songs and albums to distribute to their targeted audience. Music streaming platforms have been utilising AI to optimise search engines, improve their services and increase storage.

There are over 20,000 new songs every day on Spotify. So how does one stand out? How do record label representatives even discover new talents? They listen to a lot of songs and narrow down potential breakout artists, but they can also look at social and streaming data.

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It is affordable for up-and-coming musicians to write, create and perfect their music. They can enhance an album flow using AI techniques without spending money on mastering engineers. Artists can compose harmonies today more easily than ever before and post them on streaming services.

So AI is beautifully branching out to the artistic world and creating wonders. It’s surely contributing to creating extraordinary music.

-Kaushiki Sarcar