Here’s What’s on Sia’s Playlist

Sia’s just dropped something! Nope, it’s not a song, nor an album, it’s a playlist. And come on, a playlist curated by a brilliant artist is definitely worth a listen! Spotify’s opened up an opportunity for artists and their teams to pick a song, album, or playlist to pin to the top of their page with a short message. For artists, this is a dream come true, as offering the masses a piece of yourself, through music is the best way to connect with people.

And that’s how ‘Team Sia’s Ear Candy’ was born.

Her playlist is a fantastic cocktail of genres and musicians and we thought, we could pick out the best tunes on that list, just for you to listen.

1. Perhaps the most exciting part of Sia’s playlist is the fact that Khalid and Disclosure’s ‘Know Your Worth’ sits at the top of the list! Between the laid back disco beats and that insanely catchy hook, it looks like the duo’s found the perfect recipe to a chart topping hit! Oh and let’s not forget that this number’s become the new millennial anthem and clearly, its managed to strike a chord with Sia too!

2. Another one to look out for is Rosalia’s “Juro Que” or “I Swear That.” The Spanish singer managed to score multiple Grammy nominations and this tune’s just absolutely stunning. Between the soft acoustic guitars Rosalía sings theatrically from the perspective of a woman whose boyfriend is to serve 400 days in prison.

3. The New Zealand group, ‘The Naked And Famous’ have taken the world by storm with their unique sounds, particularly their indie electro-pop hits. Now, adding to that mix is, ‘Bury Us’ which arrives with a strange storyline and as expected, their incredibly catchy hooks.

4. Kehlani has had a fantastic year so far. She recently jumped aboard with the one and only Justin Beiber for a track which features on his upcoming album, ‘Changes’. But for now, let’s look back on her smash hit “All Me,” featuring Keyshia Cole. The singer was taken aback by the fantastic response she received for this track.

“I’ve never had a song hype like this before it dropped,” the singer wrote on Twitter after fans urged the song’s release with the hashtag #DropTheSongKehlani.

5. The up and coming artist, Rina Sawayama recently dropped her long-awaited debut album, Sawayama. This project promises to delve into cultural dynamics and an insight into Rina herself.

To celebrate the release of this project, Sawayama also shared her latest single from the album, titled “Comme Des Garçons (Like the Boys)”, a peppy dance track, that’s definitely got some lyrics to watch out for. Take a listen. You’ll know exactly what we mean.

6. These days, age doesn’t matter, you could be 17 and bubbling with talent. And that’s what we see in Billy Elliot. The young Dane recently released four songs on his debut-EP, ’I don’t like to have fun’, which included his new single, ’I Hope for Rain’. This song is a strange mix of funky beats and a more somber, dark melody. And yet, it all comes together so well. This one’s truly not worth missing out on!