Hilarity Ensues as Niall Horan Takes James Corden’s Place

So in a sweet twist of fate, Niall Horan was the face James Corden woke up to in his bed this week. “Rise and shine sleeping beauty,” Niall whispers as James is startled awake. What follows is a hilarious episode of role switching between Niall and James. There is pie throwing, spicy wings, and of course, a beautiful rendition of Niall’s song ‘This Town’ on James Corden’s Late Late Night Show.

Niall starts the show saying “With the album coming out I really want to do something, have a bit of a splash around the release. So like I could perform every night, I could do sketches, I could do Carpool Karaoke?” So we know he is keen to promote ‘Heartbreak Weather’ which is dropping on the 13th of March and includes his hit singles like ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ and ‘Put A Little Love On Me’, which he already performed on the show.

You need to watch the performance and experience the joys of Niall on late night television for yourself. Oh and we can’t wait to see what other gems Niall’s got in store for us over the next few episodes!