Hoobastank Member Doug Robb Regrets Band Name

Have you ever wondered why one would name their band such an unusual name like Hoobastank? You are not alone. Hoobastank’s lead vocalist Doug Robb recently expressed his remorse on TikTok regarding the unfortunate naming of the band.

He’s “not a perfect person”, guys. We’ve all done things we wish we didn’t do.

The Reason

Hoobastank, originally known as Hoobustank, formed in 1994, in California. The American rock band are most famous for their singles ‘The Reason’, ‘Crawling In The Dark’, and ‘Running Away’. Apart from their handful of 2000s hits, the band is also well known for their categorically awful name.

Recently, in the band’s inaugural TikTok post, Doug Robb is owning up to his “sins” against the human language by choosing the strange name, Hoobastank. At least it is better than Hoobustank, right?

Better Late Than Never

The singer also shared the TikTok on their Twitter page. Doug Robb is seen staring in confusion at a framed Platinum Hoobastank album while ‘The Reason’ plays in the background. “I’m not a perfect person,” he lip-syncs against a caption; “Realizing 20 years later that you named your band Hoobastank.” But, before we start the name – calling, Robb would like to also remind us of other unusual band names, specifically Jamiroquai and Chumbawumba.

Well, creativity known no bounds, so long as it is fun, why not?

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan