How does Charli XCX go about writing?

Charli XCX has been keeping herself busy during her six-year break between her sophomore breakthrough ‘Sucker’ and her latest album,’ Charli’. Over those six years she released two mixtapes, an EP, and a few singles. She also stayed busy writing songs for other artists, including Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s chart topper, ‘Señorita’.
Speaking about her latest album, ‘Charli,’ the singer learned from the critical acclaim and fan consensus that being a little weird and quirky might just fit her style perfectly. It was also a challenge for her to improve her songwriting ability and she steadily moved past all roadblocks. To become a better songwriter, Charli explained that it helped to talk about the personal issues plaguing her.

“Artists talk a lot about physical insecurities and body image, which I think is so great and so important, but I think there’s a lot of emotional insecurity as an artist that’s difficult to talk about because nobody wants to sound ungrateful,” she explains. “I don’t think artists talk about how volatile our state of mind is. I feel like in this album, I stopped thinking about everything and started talking about what was on my mind.”