How Is Katy Perry Growing Her Family?

Katy Perry recently opened up about everything that went down on Christmas and her plans for the new year. Katy’s had quite a busy year: her hit single ‘Harleys in Hawaii’ soared through charts worldwide, she had a brilliant concert in India and not to mention, her engagement with the lovely Orlando Bloom.

Over Christmas, the singer, joined Amazon in delivering smiles to children at the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Los Angeles in Bell Gardens, California. Perry’s been a longtime supporter of the Boys & Girls Club, and she worked with Amazon to fulfill the Amazon Smile Charity List by providing essential items and specially selected presents for each child. She even helped transform the clubhouse into a winter wonderland, which a bunch of fun activities like pictures with Santa, sledding and cookie decorating. Honestly, what better way to spend Christmas?

Now, speaking about her plans for 2020, Katy said, “For my personal self, I really want to streamline my life and create continual balance. There’s a lot of wonderful, personal things coming up in the future, which are exciting. Like creating my own idea of family.” Well, we can’t wait to see the day Katy and Orlando walk down that aisle!

And when it comes to music, Katy’s definitely excited to come out with some new singles and a couple of videos, “ That’s what I’ve definitely been doing this year is finding balance in my life, not being on tour but definitely still making music and videos and contributing to that,” she concluded.

It looks like the new year’s got a lot in store for us and we’ve just got to sit back on our Harleys and enjoy the ride!