How The ‘Attack On Titan’ Soundtrack Foreshadowed The Ending 10 Years Ago

‘Attack on Titan’s finale left fans in tears as we bid farewell to our beloved characters, particularly Eren and Mikasa. Surprisingly, the anime series had hinted at this heartbreaking ending a decade ago. 

Crafted by the genius mind of Hajime Isayama, ‘Attack on Titan’ has etched its place in history, and it’s safe to say that we may never witness a masterpiece of this calibre again. The narrative’s twists and turns constantly challenged our understanding of the story, keeping the fandom on the edge of their seats. From the very beginning, the series introduced elements that sustained excitement, often in the form of scenes or soundtracks that foreshadowed significant events, all thanks to the brilliant mangaka.

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While ‘Attack on Titan’ is renowned for its complex narrative, let’s not overlook its beautiful soundtrack that can evoke a myriad of emotions. In particular, Season 1 featured a theme song titled ‘Call Your Name,’ which subtly hinted at the final events in Eren and Mikasa’s story. 

Lines like “I wish I could be with her until my last day,” spoken from Eren’s perspective, explicitly express his love for Mikasa. The finale revealed Eren’s desire for Mikasa not to forget him, emphasizing his wish to spend his life with her, a wish left unfulfilled. The lyrics of the song hinted at Eren’s inability to lead a peaceful life with Mikasa, foreshadowing the heartbreaking end we witnessed.

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In the concluding episodes, Eren and Mikasa dreamt of a tranquil life together, mirroring a line from the song: “We dreamt a new life, someplace to be at peace.” The poignant line, “All I know my life is gone,” further alluded to Eren’s tragic fate. Isayama later confirmed that the ending was predetermined from the series’ inception, explaining why this Season 1 song foretold the final events of the story.

The complex relationship between Eren and Mikasa, rooted in childhood feelings, remained unacknowledged publicly and even between themselves. Mikasa’s admission of love to Eren went unreciprocated, as Eren foresaw the path their story would take.

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It was Eren’s future self who initiated the tragic events, directing the Smiling Titan to devour his mother. As the narrative unfolded, we discovered that Eren was privy to future events, knowing Armin would become the Colossal Titan after consuming Bertholdt and foreseeing his demise at Mikasa’s hands. 

Eren’s pursuit of freedom for the Eldians was hindered by his awareness of being trapped in a time loop. Knowing escape was impossible, he deliberately sacrificed himself so that Eldia and his friends could enjoy a peaceful existence. Remarkably, the ‘Call Your Name’ OST hinted at this tragic ending for Eren a decade before the finale, showcasing Isayama’s intricate and premeditated storytelling.

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In the end, ‘Attack on Titan’s journey was not just a rollercoaster of emotions; it was a carefully orchestrated symphony of narrative elements, forever changing the anime world. 

-Britney Jones