How to write a hit song?

Justin Tranter, one of the most prolific musicians in the pop industry breaks down his songwriting process. It’s no secret that he’s worked with some big names, from Ariana Grande and Halsey, to pop sugary treats from Justin Bieber, and the irreverent cuts from Cardi B – Tranter’s clearly got the formula to creating chart topping hits! His songwriting-therapy sessions involve an artist’s deepest emotions, molded into a soulful, relatable track.

“That’s my approach to everything: Let’s talk and find out what the truth is,” Tranter says. “And the more specific we can be in our work and our lyrics, the more universal it becomes.”

Tranter began as a member of the band ‘Semi Precious Weapons’ before exchanging the microphone for a pencil, focusing all his attention into songwriting. And this might be his best move yet as all his pieces have become a raging success!