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How well Do You Know Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson just released his solo debut album titled “Walls” and it’s been a project four years in the making for the former One Direction member. Well, with all that time and all that growth, it’s only natural that there are things that happened behind the scenes that we didn’t know about.

So, here’s 5 things about Louis Tomlinson’s debut album journey that you didn’t know.

1. Tommo still relies on his friends
Louis recently revealed that he still relies on his friends and girlfriend for feedback. He has grown a lot as a songwriter in the past few years and believes that feedback is a really important part of the process; much of Walls was run past his friends and girlfriend and in the beginning (prepare your hearts) even some of the 1D boys – “I found my feet after a while, but before that, yeah, I used to send some of them my stuff,” he revealed!

2. Smoking is just part of the process
Love his husky, yet angelic vocals? Well, maybe cigarettes have something to do with it. When asked about whether the habit affects his singing abilities, he cheekily responded “My vocal coach says singing is all about the elements, so I think smoking is just an element”.

3. Walls may become a tattoo
The former 1D member has always been unapologetic about his silly, random and seemingly pointless tattoos. Well, now, he may get one to commemorate the release of his debut album. Speaking on the possibility of a tattoo, he said “I hadn’t thought about it but seeing as how I’ve got so many stupid ones, it would probably make sense that I have a relevant one on my body, so yeah, maybe”.

4. Two of Us was a turning point
One of his initial singles “Two of Us” was a surprise for fans because it gave us a glimpse of how vulnerable he can be as a writer. Well, Louis revealed that the track was a turning point in some way because it was a song that just had to be written. “Every session I was in, prior to that song, kind of lacked significance. I had to write this song. It was hard to write anything else until I had gotten through this stage”.

5. Vulnerability comes easy to Louis
For a debut album, “Walls” explores some pretty deep themes of what it means to be human. But, that doesn;t really scare Louis. He’s proud of this body of work and isn’t afraid to dive straight in -“It wasn’t hard to listen back to stuff. Being honest and vulnerable kinda comes easy to me. Listening back isn’t heavy for me.”


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