Iggy Azalea & Tinashe Get The Groove Going with ‘DLNW’

It looks like Iggy Azalea has joined the fight for the spotlight today, as she just dropped her first single of 2020, ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’. This song also features the up and coming star, Tinashe, on vocals. 

The track witnesses a groovy set of beats tossed up with some sleek synths. Iggy’s fiery rhymes keep the energy at an all-time high throughout the track. ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ only allows for breathing space during the chorus, where Tinashe makes her entrance with sugary, lulling melodies. 

Now, this tune will join the long list of self-love anthems that arrived this year. It’s all about revelling in one’s independence, without having the need to shape your lifestyle around other people. And just like the title suggests, dancing is the best remedy to let go and embrace every part of yourself. The songwriting in itself is funky and unapologetic, take a look:

Sold out concert in the bathtub
Goodnight bad girls wanna have fun
Moonwalk in the kitchen with my socks off
I’m all that, bag of chips and the hot sauce
I’m sexy, no stress, ’cause I’m okay

No, I don’t do it for the boys
No, I don’t do it for the girls
No, I don’t do it for the ‘Gram
I’ma do it-do it for me


Now, we initially caught wind of this sizzling collaboration, when Iggy shared the cover art for the track.The lyric video itself features a collage of polaroid pictures and behind-the-scenes moments from their gorgeous photoshoot, for the single’s artwork.

Speaking of Iggy’s new era of music, her producer, J. White Did It, had this to say, “Iggy is definitely working. We got some special things coming … she’s so focused on getting the people something fresh, something new. We had a conversation on where we need to go as far as sound and how she feels. I really, for months now, have been working on the perfect taste for Iggy. She’s one person I know who works really hard, I love her work ethic … We’re laser focused in to create something that’s so amazing.”

Well, we’re never going to say no to another helping of new music. So, as the wait begins, go on and revel in everything ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ has to offer. 

By: Nina Karun