Iggy Pop Announces a Special 10-Year Edition of ‘Aprés’

Iggy Pop has announced that he will be releasing a 10th anniversary edition of his 2012 record, ‘Aprés’.

The covers album had versions of tracks by artists like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Yoko Ono and Edith Piaf. It also featured a number of French tracks.

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On Record Store Day’s Black Friday, the rock icon will release a special reissue of the record. The album will include a brand-new cover art, a poster and a bonus track that has never been released before.

The vinyl deluxe version also comes with the original record labels, an OBI strip, a gatefold album jacket, a printed inner sleeve and a special solid pink colour vinyl.

Pop said of ‘Apres’ when it was first released: “All popular music forms of today get their strength from the beat. Rap, hip-hop, metal, pop and rock producers will tell you that the beats they use imitate the human heartbeat and that is where the power lies. I’ve always loved this other feeling, one that is intimate, sometimes a little sad and does not try to beat me on the head.”

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He continued: “I wanted to sing some of these songs myself, hoping to bring the feeling I felt as a listener, to my listeners through my voice. Many of these songs are in French, probably because it is French culture which has most stubbornly resisted the mortal attacks of the Anglo-American music machine.”

A 30th anniversary issue of The Cure’s ‘Wish,’ a 10-inch red vinyl of Mötley Crüe’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ EP, and a limited edition 12-inch vinyl reissue of Madonna’s debut song, ‘Danceteria’ are among the other items that will be released on Record Store Day’s Black Friday.

Last month, Iggy released an EP with Belgian composer and multi-instrumentalist Catherine Graindorge. Following Graindorge’s speculative email to the rock icon, ‘The Dictator’ was composed.