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Imagine Dragons Get Donald Trump’s Assistant Banned From Youtube

US President Donald Trump‘s primitive Deputy Assistant has been banned from YouTube – all thanks to Imagine Dragons. Sebastian Gorka, a conservative commentator who speedily labored for the POTUS abet in 2017, uploaded his ‘America First’ radio exhibits to the video streaming platform quickly after their preliminary broadcast.

Over the summer season, Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds was made aware that Gorka featured in the band’s 2012 hit, ‘Radioactive’, on a regular basis. The musician answered by claiming that he’d “never given permission” for use of the track in the show.

“Please stop playing Imagine Dragons on your show @SebGorka,” he tweeted. Reynolds reiterated his point on a number of occasions over the past month or so, writing on October 25th that Universal Music Publishing Group were attempting to block any videos containing the single. “Losing my mind on this. Thanks for keeping on my radar,” he tweeted as part of last month’s update.

Well, it looks like Reynolds actually sorted everything out quite neatly!

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