In a Cameo-Filled Video, Jack Harlow and Drake Take Over the Kentucky Derby

Watch Drake dance with Harlow’s mother in the VIP area. Jack Harlow has shared a brand new video for his track, `’Churchill Downs`’ featuring Drake. 

Image courtesy: HipHop-N-More

This clip was taken while Drake and Jack Harlow were attending this year’s Kentucky Derby. In the video, Harlow gets a baseball bat made and hangs out by the racetrack, and eventually Drake appears and dances with Jack’s mom. The video also includes guest appearances from Bryson Tiller, Dolsky and DJ Drama.

Check out the new track here:

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Meanwhile, after questions about Harlow’s chart performance surfaced earlier this week, Lil Uzi Vert supported the rapper, saying that Harlow doesn’t have white privilege, and that Harlow’s success could be viewed as ‘white privilege,’ according to TMZ, which filmed a short interview with Vert while he was on a fan meet-and-greet earlier this month. 

When asked if Harlow deserves all the criticism he’s getting, Vert stated that he doesn’t. As he turned to face the camera, Vert told the interviewer that he’s really fantastic.

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In a new mini-essay for Time magazine, Jack wrote about his friendship with Pete Davidson. The rapper and the comedian met on a FaceTime chat, and they’ve worked together on a variety of projects over the last few years, including a Saturday Night Live spoof about NFTs.