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In a New Music Video, ASTRO Travel Through Fanciful Universes

‘Candy Sugar Pop,’ the lead song from ASTRO’s third studio album ‘Drive To The Starry Road,’ has a vivid music video.

ASTRO travels across bizzare realms in the new video, including one with a neon-lit desert and another with pink clouds. Each member is seen eating a brilliant red lollipop that appears to transport them to several universes.

Image Courtesy: Uber Turco News

As gigantic chunks of candy drift past them, they start on a journey through the galaxy together.

The album has individual tracks from each of the members, which is a first for the boyband. It debuted just a week after member MJ started his required military service. Last month, the singer revealed the date of his enlistment at the boyband’s sixth anniversary fan meeting.

Moonbin and Sanha of the boyband made their comeback in March with their second mini-album, ‘REFUGE,’ which included the title tune ‘WHO.’


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