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In Memory of Chester Bennington

Here is a petition to make this wonderful day the Linkin Park throwback day. If we can’t do that, then today all we do is listen to albums of great music the band left us with. Today is the birth anniversary of Chester Bennington, and though we miss him and this memory can make us a little numb, we will celebrate it nonetheless with a big massive ‘Did You Know’ party on some cool/weird/adorable Linkin Park Facts! Here goes:

1 . Like A Boss
Linkin Park is a record holder for being the most liked band of all time on Facebook with about 65 million likes on their page.

2. Star Wars Nerd
In 2015, Mike Shinoda from the band set out to create a life-size model of a stormtrooper for the Art Awakens Star Wars-themed exhibition in Hollywood for charity. As nerdy as it may sound, it was auctioned at $15,000!

3. The Tragic Day Of
On the day of Chester’s death, the band had released a whole new music video. This was before they found out the tragic news of the suicide. This truly goes to show that none of the band members saw it coming. This, alongside the fact that they had helped and supported him for years leading up to this day, goes to show how close they were and how deeply the news must have hurt them.

4. Friendship with Chris Cornell
Not a lot of people know that Chester and Chris Cornell were really close buddies. In fact, Chester was godfather to one of Chris’s kids. When Chris died, at age 52, in a similar manner of suicide — Chester gave a heartwrenching rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ at his funeral.

5. The Album Art
The album cover art was something the band was long known for. But what is little known is that Mike Shinoda, who was a graphic designer by trade was the mastermind behind it all. In fact he created the Album Cover of ‘Hybrid Theory’ all by himself!

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