Indigo 91.9 gets Down and Funk on Halloween!

Halloween brings out all the scaries and spookies, but not at Indigo 91.9! This Halloween, we took the spooky festivities ON AIR and celebrated the day with our listeners. The night got groovy and funky as the Indigo fam danced the night away at our resident venue Indigo XP, Koramangala. The family were dressed up in all sorts of quirky costumes, the highlight being Cinderella and her Pumpkin! Indigo 91.9 stars – RJ Neerja and Reo Raymond were at the venue wiling the night away with everyone – from masked creatures to lit up DJ dancers and witches, everyone came dressed to the nines.

The night was complete as our listeners joined in with their elaborate, creative costumes. A scary night was really just a fun-filled one. With great food, great music and laughter by the dozen, there was nothing stopping everyone from having an unforgettable Halloween night!