Is Ariana Grande Working on a New Album?

Ariana Grande’s fans are in for a surprise as the pop sensation seems to be gearing up for new music, even while she’s in the midst of her highly anticipated movie project, ‘Wicked.’ Word on the street is that Ariana’s recording studio has been seeing some action recently, and it’s not just for vocal warm-ups!

Sources close to the star have revealed that Grande, despite initially wanting to dedicate her full attention to her ‘Wicked’ role, has taken advantage of the pause in filming due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. With the unexpected free time on her hands, she’s been hitting the studio to craft her seventh album, the follow-up to her 2020 record, ‘Positions.’

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Working closely with the talented producer Max Martin in New York, Ariana seems to have found a creative groove. Max Martin and Ariana have a history of producing hits together, including chart-toppers like ‘God Is a Woman.’ This dynamic duo back in action is certainly exciting news for music enthusiasts.

While she’s been hitting the studio, Ariana Grande has remained focused on her role as Glinda in ‘Wicked’ for the past two years. It’s clear that the film project remains a top priority, especially considering it’s yet to be completed. As for when we can expect the new album to drop, well, it’s a bit of a mystery. An insider close to the singer revealed, “She doesn’t know when she’ll want to release” the album, emphasizing her desire to be respectful of the ‘Wicked’ timeline.

Image Courtesy: Allure

However, when it comes to Ariana, she’s known for her spontaneity and creative bursts. The insider hinted that she often works quickly and releases music instinctively when she feels ready. So, who knows when we might be treated to new tracks from the superstar?

Aside from her music ventures, Ariana Grande is currently enjoying life in New York City with her new boyfriend, Ethan Slater. Their relationship blossomed while working on ‘Wicked.’ Both Ariana and Ethan are coming out of long-term relationships, with Ariana’s recent divorce from Dalton Gomez and Ethan’s separation from his wife, Lilly Jay.

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According to a source, Ethan has taken the step to live with Ariana full-time in the Big Apple. The source added, “They’re really happy and really good for each other. All of her friends love him.”

As Ariana Grande juggles her flourishing acting career with the creation of her seventh album, fans can’t help but be excited about what’s in store. The artist’s ability to surprise and inspire through her music continues to captivate her audience, and it looks like she’s gearing up to do it all over again. Stay tuned for the next musical masterpiece from the one and only Ariana Grande.

– Britney Jones