It’s an Ellie Goulding and Blackbear Affair

Goulding and Blackbear Collaborate On New Song

In a risky vampire-ish feel, Ellie Goulding and Blackbear have collaborated on a new song that was released with the video called titled, ‘Worry About Me’.

Explaining the rather curious aesthetics of the video and what it means to be in the head of Goulding, she said: “‘Worry About Me’ is a song I wrote reminiscing about a time a guy wanted me at his convenience, just as I was getting over him. It is intentionally tongue-in-cheek because I’m not at all bitter, I just found it humorous. It was refreshing to write, in the sunshine of L.A., because at the time I was writing dark songs about my state of mind in New York.”

The video has elements of a supernatural hunt of sorts with motifs of mischief, mayhem, and chase coming through. Blackbear, Goulding’s collaborator on the track and the one being chased in the video had this to say about the whole idea: “It’s a song with a passive yet descriptive message of independence, charisma and attitude while a statue of smooth still stands tall. I love this side of Ellie Goulding over this tempo and darker hip-hop production. Ellie, to me, is the voice of the U.K. and is a special artist and human. There was not a hint of hesitation or lack of enthusiasm to get this done asap and shoot a crazy video where I have a twin brother (dark Parent Trap for adults if you will).”

Definitely worth a watch, this video!