ITZY Tease A Hollywood Western Concept For “Not Shy”

The budding Kpop group, ITZY, are gearing up to drop their third EP, “Not Shy”. And just today, they arrived with the teaser for the title track of the same name. 

The music video seems to revolve around the aesthetics of a Hollywood Western. The teaser opens with a dramatic zoom through a pair of dusty doors, which open to reveal the five-member band. Dressed in dyed jeans, sparkly tops and cowboy boots, the girls give us a solid taste of this tune. ‘Not Shy’ seems to pair strong verses with a funky flow and boasts of fancy footwork when it comes to their dance routine. 

Adhering to this quirky theme, ITZY has also dropped a slew of teaser images. Featuring sandy mountains, pistols and sunny outfits – the girls simply look stunning against every backdrop. 

ITZY also revealed the tracklist for their EP. It holds a good six tracks: “Don’t Give A What”, “Louder”, “ID”, “Surf” “Be In Love” and of course, their title track, “Not Shy”. 

Now, for a band that just debuted in February 2019, they’ve made leaps and bounds in the industry. “Not Shy” will follow their second EP, “It’z Me”. This record arrived in March this year, along with its leading single, ‘Wannabe‘. The EP did exceedingly well, earning the girls a spot at No. 1 on Korea’s Gaon Album Chart, making it their first No.1 album in the country. “It’z Me” also managed to debut at No. 5 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart, which is no small feat for an up and coming band

“Not Shy” is slated to land on August 17th and it’s safe to say that the girls plan to leave us stunned with this release as well. 

By: Nina Karun