J Balvin Becomes First Latin Headliner at NFL Kickoff Concert

Football fans gathered at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, California for the NFL Kickoff Experience to celebrate the start of the 2022 NFL season and to watch Latin artist, J Balvin perform.

Prior to the opening game of the season, which pitted the Buffalo Bills against the Los Angeles Rams, the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Latino star led the celebrations with a performance.

J Balvin encabezará el concierto de la 'NFL Kickoff Experience' que marcará  el arranque de la Temporada 2022
Image Courtesy: Latinus

Attendees braved through the Los Angeles heat wave and made their way to the beach (where it, surprisingly, wasn’t any much cooler) for a free day event that had all kinds of activities and activations, including a beach football field. Given the event’s location, most people were wearing Rams gear.

J Balvin took the stage for the official NFL Kickoff Concert before the Alabama State Marching Hornets took over for an electrifying number.

J Balvin - IMDb
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Tokimonsta, a DJ and producer from the West Coast who opened for the Colombian singer, was able to draw concertgoers away from the shade and closer to the main stage, where they danced to her music.

Then, a gigantic inflatable hand appeared on-stage holding aloft an equally big smiling face balloon-Balvin’s signature smiley face to be exact-which was his way of making a grand entrance.

He appeared in an army-inspired two-piece attire with a matching balaclava that only showed his eyes.

“Cómo está la vibra esta tarde, how’s the vibe today?” he asked the crowd. 

Balvin opened with the crowd favourite ‘Mi Gente’ and continued with back-to-back performances of popular songs like ‘Reggaeton,’ ‘Nivel de Perreo,’ ‘Con Altura,’ ‘Loco Contigo,’ ‘Blanco,’ ‘Ritmo,’ ‘Amarillo,’ ‘Ginza,’ ‘I Like It’ and ‘In Da Getto’.

He also brought out a special guest, Trueno, an up-and-coming rapper from Argentina, to perform their collaboration ‘Un Paso’.

“My name is Jose but they call me J Balvin,” he added. “Where are all the warriors that fight for their dreams? I see my Latino gang representing here.”

At the NFL Kickoff Concert over the years, performers have included Shawn Mendes, Meek Mill, Meghan Trainor and Ed Sheeran.